About eBuildings

Lester eBuildings Online - How it Works

Lester eBuildings is a new convenient way to help you find and price the Lester building that fits your needs while you are online in the comfort of your home, office, or wherever you are online. You can search for your building four different ways: by square footage, by building type, by clicking on "Browse All Buildings" or the "Building Finder" Wizard.

eBuilding packages - limited availability

eBuildings online pricing is a work in progress and not available everywhere. Currently, it's available in Lester's factory-direct area (see map on right) and at participating independent, locally-owned Lester dealers websites.

No financial transaction or commitment required

No financial transactions occur on the Lester eBuildings site! While you can create, customize and price your erected Lester building online, it's your option to take the next step and submit it to your independent, locally-owned Lester dealer or factory-direct rep for a more detailed price confirmation. If you do, your dealer/rep will respond within 24 to 36 hours to review your building and set up a follow-up meeting. At that meeting, your final building specifications and pricing will be furthur refined.

Building pictures on this site

Please be aware that the pictures of eBuilding packages on this site are static computer illustrations and do not update as you change colors or add accessories. Thus, they will not necessarily reflect how your actual building will look.

Your actual building and final pricing

While using Lester eBuildings' pricing capabilities, you can add many accessories, such as windows, doors, insulation, wainscot, etc., and then see their price impact in "real time." While the site's static building illustrations do not visibly change as you add accessories, your local Lester dealer/factory rep will be happy to show you how these additions will actually appear on your building in a follow-up appointment!

In addition, you always have the option to add other accessories not offered on this site. It's important to note, however, that the number of accessories you add (and where you locate them) CAN impact final pricing over and beyond the pricing capabilities of this website. This is generally due to structural design changes that may be needed to incorporate the number of wall openings -- doors and windows -- you specify.

Thus, your independent, locally-owned Lester dealer/factory rep reserves the right to propose new pricing that takes into account any modifications that fundamentally impact building design requirements, including the changes mentioned above, higher local code/load requirements, crew travel distance, the selection of colored doors and/or windows and any other factors beyond the scope of this site.

* All eBuilding prices displayed are the sole responsibility of, and are offered exclusively by, the independent, locally-owned Lester dealer (or factory rep) in the zip code you've specified.