DeLoof Construction believes that nothing is more important than the health and safety of our employees, clients and the public that is affected by our activities. We have on-staff safety professionals with OSHA 30 Hour Certificates who perform weekly and random jobsite inspections. The inspections are collaborative in nature so that everyone can work towards a common goal of 0 incidents.

This collaborative approach is established from the beginning with our new employee safety orientation so that anytime an individual employee or a group have safety questions they ASK before they ACT. We have one of the lowest incident rates in the industry and our commitment is the reason why.

Our safety program includes:

  • New employee safety orientation
  • New employee substance abuse screening
  • Mobile equipment/lift certification training
  • Written Job Safety Analysis for each trade on each job
  • Subcontractor qualification based on EMR and other pertinent factors
  • Corrective action protocol for internal and external safety violations
  • Client specific training programs