We love working with equine customers for many reasons, one being many times they have a vision of what they are looking for from the beginning and call on us to bring that vision to life. Our partnership with Lester Buildings creates a design and engineering process that is interactive, visual and customizable with an emphasis on customer interaction. We have designed and built everything from multimillion dollar commercial boarding facilities to fundamental 2-horse stall barns. Our ability to provide both wood and metal framed structures means that we can accommodate any design, schedule and budget.

Agricultural, Personal Storage and Hobby

Agricultural buildings come in various sizes and configurations and can serve many purposes. We have extensive knowledge of farming equipment, stored product and hobby building needs and have constructed hundreds of agricultural buildings since the 1940s. We will work with you to design something that is the right balance of appearance, function and cost and then construct the building to the highest industry standard.


Dairy facilities need to be designed and built for a specific purpose. At DeLoof one of our specialties is providing turn-key solutions for farmers looking to maximize animal welfare and overall efficiency, understanding that facility improvement costs must be realized by increased animal productivity. Whether it is a milking parlor, freestall barn, heifer barn, calf barn, feed storage or an entire facility we work closely with our customers to get them exactly what they need at the best possible value.